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Starting School September 2023

School Readiness

Each child is unique and therefore will start school at a different stage of development. Schools and local early year's settings work closely together to ensure a smooth transition and induction into school for all children.

School Readiness is when a child holds curiosity and enthusiasm for the world around them. They are able to co-operate and share with one another. They speak clearly in sentences whilst listening and understanding what others day. They move with co-ordination whilst able to address their care needs. This can be summed up as...

7 skills to support children in school readiness:

  • Co-operating
  • Listening and understanding
  • Sharing
  • Dealing independently with care needs
  • Speaking clearly in sentences
  • Having co-ordination
  • Showing curiosity and enthusiasm
These are the basic skills we need to help children develop and be secure in, so they are ready and able to make a good start in school. The supporting statements below are identified on the School Readiness leaflet for families.

Co-operating: I will need to learn how to get on well with others.

Listening and understanding: I enjoy talking about stories we have shared together. You can help by giving me simple instructions to follow.

Sharing: It is important for me to be able to share with other children.

Dealing independently with care needs: Using the toilet, washing my hands and learning how to get dressed by myself will really help me at school.

Speaking clearly in sentences: If I can talk clearly, I will be able to ask for help when I need it and my friends and adults will understand what I am saying.

Having co-ordination: I will learn best if I am encouraged to be active from the tips of my fingers to the ends of my toes.

Showing curiosity and enthusiasm: I need to have lots of fun opportunities to explore the world around me.
Below are some leaflets and handy links from the BCP family information service regarding school readiness: