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CAFOD are an international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

CAFOD reach out to people living in poverty with practical help, whatever their religion or culture. Through the global Church network, one of the largest in the world, CAFOD have the potential to reach everyone. CAFOD campaign for global justice, so that every woman, man and child can live a full and dignified life.
At school we follow CAFOD’s campaigns for a fairer world. We regularly contribute to CAFOD’s work through raising money and publicising their work within our school community.

Recently during Lent, we raised money for communities in South America who lacked a daily source of water by having a sponsored ‘water relay’.

In the autumn we took part in ‘Go Green’ as a response to climate change and the COP26 meeting of world leaders to discuss the world’s action against Climate Change.