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Laudato Si

Pope Francis’ message to us in Laudato Si’ is our focus for action.

Our collective worship and focused curriculum work on the environment encourage us to appreciate the precious gifts of Creation that God has given us and how we should treat and care for the world.

We have considered how the world is God’s gift to us and how precious and wonderful it is. We have thought of small things we can do to protect and respect our world.
We have discussed how we are going to do take simple, everyday actions to help to care for our common home. We can: switch off lights and electrical equipment when not needed, turn taps off, reduce the amount of waste we throw away, only buy what we really need, plant trees and grow our own food, recycle as much as possible, walk and cycle instead of driving everywhere and buy Fairtrade goods. We are also going to try our best to live in peace and harmony with each other so that our world is a wonderful place to live.