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The Parish

The original St Joseph’s Church was opened in July 1895 and was built on Bournemouth Road.

Our Lady of Fatima's Church history started with the vision of Canon Michael Joseph Coughlan, the Parish Priest at St. Josephs from 1930 to 1956.

Links with St Joseph’s Church and Our Lady Fatima Church

Every class leads a liturgy (Lower School) or Mass (Upper School) each year and attends liturgies and masses led by other classes. FR Chris comes to school to celebrate with the children and their parents/grandparents – these events are included in the Church Newsletter.

We have whole school Masses at St Joseph’s where the parish are also invited to celebrate the end of each term. Upper School visitors also visit Our Lady of Fatima church to celebrate Mass.

We also have links with the Catechists – particularly those who run the First Holy Communion courses. Whilst not every member of staff is a parishioner at St Joseph’s, we do endeavour to make sure that school is represented at the Masses where our pupils make their First Holy Communion.

We are continuously working together to further strengthen our links between the Church and Parish.

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