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Vision and Values

Our Gospel Values

The values which guide and inspire us in our Christian lives are those given to us in the Gospels. They are our Gospels values. The core Gospel values were given to us by Jesus during the 'Sermon on the Mount' are called the Beatitudes. Our Gospel values are:

  • Humility - seeing life as a gift
  • Compassion - empathy
  • Kindness - gentleness
  • Justice - working for a fairer world
  • Forgiveness - reconciliation
  • Integrity - do what you say
  • Peace - committed to peace making
  • Courage - standing up for truth

Our School Aims

  • To offer the best standard of education for each pupil in our care.
  • To encourage the development of relationships based on the teachings of Jesus ‘love your neighbour as yourself’.
  • To be a centre of excellence for lifelong learning and spiritual growth.
  • To support each child in developing responsibility for his or her own learning and motivation to succeed.
  • To provide an effective, broad and balanced primary curriculum.
  • To equip each child with the skills to meet the demands of a changing society.
Our Mission Statement

Our school mission statement is central to the life of the school. Governors, staff, parents and children have worked together to compose a statement that sums up our school and what we strive for.