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Catholic Life

Catholic schools are a part of the Church’s mission to place Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church at the centre of people’s lives. At St Joseph’s we achieve this through our school’s interaction with the local church, our families, and the community we serve.

The fullness of life is to be found when Christ is at the centre of our lives. By placing Christ at the centre of all that we do at school we have the potential to promote the ‘fullness of Christian life’ through an educational philosophy in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony.

Consequently, St Joseph’s is more than just a place where pupils are equipped with the learning and skills for the future workplace and to be a responsible citizenship. Rather, St Joseph’s is a community where the spiritual, culture and personal worlds within which we live are harmonized. From this we grow our children’s values, motivation, aspirations, and moral imperatives that form their choices and actions as people.

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